This program trains instructors in delivering a four-week project-based learning course that integrates elements of English, writing, storytelling, character creation, sound recording, sound design, sound production, product, packaging design, marketing distribution, entrepreneurship, and game design concepts. Instructors will get three hours of interactive training.

Students will work on a four-week project-based learning course where students will create and record a superhero podcast episode based on Da Great Deity Dah and the Carnegie Mellon music department collaboration PSA song, Stop the Bullying.

Students will create cover art and market and distribute the episode and learn how these skills are used in game design environments.

The sessions will be collaborative and would contain the following objectives.

  • Acclimation with the curriculum and flexibility in implementation.
  • Utilization of technology and onboarding for their students.
  • Blended learning approaches and virtual learning approaches to the material and how they can implement each.
  • How to organize students in groups of four and assign tasks for each student.
  • How students collaborate virtually and how students collaborate in a blended environment
  • Utilization of software by instructors and students and options to use our virtual desktop.
  • How students exchange files and submit progress.
  • How students present their final projects and share it.
  • Messaging systems for students and instructors.
  • Awards and certificates for students after completion of four-week class.
  • Mini-Certification for instructors after completion of three hours of training.

Materials will be supplied for this training and the Introduction to TOYZSTEAM course.

Learn more about the course here. Questions about what to expect or accessibility?


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