Simona works for a small government authority that owns the biggest sports and gathering venues in Pittsburgh. Her responsibility is to ensure that the Convention Center is up to date on Sustainability certifications and adhering to their promises to be sustainable. She also works to make their buildings as energy efficient as possible and monitors to find the best ways to keep them in the best shape. Simona works with everything from the types of products used to clean the buildings, to the type of paints used, to the types of containers used to serve food all up to fixing the roof and lights and plants.

This series of sustainability career webinars are offered at a 6th grade level of vocabulary. They are intended for K-12 students and are open to any age. These informational interviews are intended to expose students to the variety of jobs available in the field. After the adult describes a normal day at their job, what they love about their job, its challenges and what it took to get there for about 15 minutes, the dialogue becomes open to student Q & A. Chatham students are welcome to attend, but please allow K-12 students to have the priority for asking questions, and please try to also keep vocabulary at a 6th-grade level to help make the workshop age inclusive.