The Educators’ Retreat (July 27-31, 2020) provides a week for professional development that will enhance an educator’s own creativity while offering rich content that can translate to the classroom. Attendees will choose from a variety of studios, delve into the process, and explore techniques, then share their findings with other educators/artists. Educators will return to their classrooms revitalized, with fresh ideas and unique resources. A total of 60 participants will have a chance to attend the retreat and partake in one of five, five-day workshops being offered, participate in group discussions, and attend special presentations. Act 48 Credits are available for PA educators, sponsored by PAEA.

Workshops available: Glassmaking Basics, Forging Ahead (Blacksmithing), Murals in Clay, Glass & Metals: Intro to Enameling, Journaling: Drawing & Painting from Life

The Educators’ Retreat is open to anyone but designed for K-12 educators and those studying to be educators (any subject or grade).

Touchstone Center for Crafts is a nationally recognized nonprofit arts organization that has been offering immersive, hands-on learning experiences in the arts and fostering creative thinking and collaborative learning since 1972. A workshop at Touchstone is an engaging experience where participants are removed from the daily routine to immerse themselves in creativity in one of our many studios (blacksmithing, ceramics, metals/jewelry, glass, painting/drawing, special topics), the natural beauty of our 150-acre wooded campus, and the company of others.

Participants in their own words (2019):

  • “I feel like this is a must try opportunity for educators, not just art educators, but all. I loved that I was inspired by both the instructors as well as my fellow educators and classmates. It was great engaging in the creative process and seeing the results of my work as an artist, an educator, and a human being. I feel like a creative energy has been sparked in me to bring into my classroom to inspire my students.”
  • “One of the best parts of this experience for me was the contact with other educators and artists. I am getting help with projects that I want to do with my students and ideas for field trips and other projects.”
  • “While the workshop fulfilled my expectations of learning a new ceramic form that could be tailored to an early elementary collaborative installation, the part I absolutely loved was the networking and relationship-building that happened between teachers in my workshop, teachers I ate meals with, and teachers who had the kindness to teach me and share their wisdom.”
  • “It was artistically and personally rejuvenating to spend time at Touchstone with other artists and teachers, as well as learning a technique I hope to pass along to my students and community.”