Teachers and students in conversation about their unique approaches to well-being, social emotional learning, and peer to peer support in the classroom and beyond.

Our Guests:

  • Jorge Alvarez, Secondary School Administrator
  • Ernest Mateo Cisneros, Student and Mental Health Advocate
  • Robert Lawrence, Student and Mental Health Advocate
  • April Carberry, Educator and Student Council Sponsor

Together, we’ll explore:

What will tomorrow bring?

What will young people need so that they will flourish in a future of unknown possibilities?

How can we prepare children and youth for what’s next while staying grounded in what’s timeless?

What can we do today to make tomorrow a more promising place for all learners?

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This conversation is part of a series of episodes as part of “Tomorrow.” We’ll be streaming live with folks of all ages from across the globe every Thursday. Learn more at remakelearning.org/tomorrow.