Transform for Tomorrow & PittEd Justice Collective present:

PART 3. Justice Listening and Strategizing 

In this session, a panel of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students will share their reactions to how educational inequities impact learning. Through an anti-racist approach, they will share stories about what they want from schools, what they think about learning, and what education leaders need to do to redesign learning spaces that center the perspectives of students, families, and communities. Featured Speakers: Students from across the region and nation (to be announced).

You are preparing already for what will be a very different 2020-21 school year. You’re adjusting to new ways of preparing your teachers, educating your students, and supporting your parents. Have you also integrated matters of justice? Are you constructing anti-racist systems? This virtual series presents opportunities to share and learn from one another about how our schools might, together, make plans for what comes next, no matter what tomorrow brings.