Dr. Tyra Good is an educator and innovator who has committed herself to the development and recognition of what’s GOOD in the community in the forms of its people and its resources. Timothy Jones is a Hip-Hop creative with an anchoring in youth development who is committed to the promotion of learning being a lifestyle as opposed to merely an academic achievement. Tyra and Timothy have worked together as a part of HipHopEd and have partnered to develop and deliver trainings and programs as Good Knowledge Connections and Techniques4Learning.

Together, we’ll explore:

What will tomorrow bring?

What will young people need so that they will flourish in a future of unknown possibilities?

How can we prepare children and youth for what’s next while staying grounded in what’s timeless?

What can we do today to make tomorrow a more promising place for all learners?

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This conversation is part of a series of episodes as part of “Tomorrow.” We’ll be streaming live with folks of all ages from across the globe every Thursday at 2pm ET. Learn more at remakelearning.org/tomorrow.