Kwaku Aning is an educator who uses media, tech, music, and authentic moments to create change. Aning was scheduled to emcee the Learn by Design Competition at SXSWEDU in 2020 which was abruptly halted due to C19. The #IamFromFiji Producer @RadioZamunda Co-Host chats with us.

Together, we’ll explore:

What will tomorrow bring?

What will young people need so that they will flourish in a future of unknown possibilities?

How can we prepare children and youth for what’s next while staying grounded in what’s timeless?

What can we do today to make tomorrow a more promising place for all learners?

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Kwaku is the Director of the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking at the San Diego Jewish Academy. He has had the privilege to work in various roles in education for the past 19 years within public, private and charter education. As an educator, professional wonderer, connector, and advocate for students, Kwaku is always looking to connect the dots between education, tech, art, agency, and the stuff that he has yet to understand.