The Center for Play and Exploration, Ariel Barlow, and Diarra Imani of Breathe.Play.Create., educator Michelle King (also known as The Learning Instigator), and Arts Ed Collaborative want to help you start the school year right. They’re teaming up to co-create a workshop that combines mindfulness, cultural responsiveness, and community building. Rekindle your inner joy exploring:

  • Curiosity: build your ability to ask the right questions.
  • Divergent thinking: question your thinking and build problem-solving capacity.
  • Freedom to fail: open your mind to risk-taking and interaction.

They intend to convene a series of learning experiences beginning with a happy hour on Friday, June 26. From there, future dates can be planned for gatherings in July, August, and beyond.

You became a teacher for a reason. Explore your connection to your students through a frame of joy, respect, and dignity so you start the school year ready to try new things. In the time of COVID, this is perhaps more important than ever, and you’re supported in your journey.