School leaders have a responsibility to look beyond regular classroom instruction and examine what social services are available to help children who live in poverty, who are homeless, experience trauma, and who are part of the child welfare system. This eighth session of the Transform for Tomorrow series will also focus on early learning and family service programs.

Featured Presenters:

  • Ms. Leanna Lawson, Program Director-Training and Consultation for Teaching and Learning, AIU 3
  • Ms. Catherine Lobaugh Assistant Executive Director for Early Childhood, AIU 3

Transform for Tomorrow is a virtual series for Superintendents and School Leaders, who are already preparing for what will be a very different 2020-21 school year. Incredibly – in a matter of just weeks – schools have adapted remarkably to new ways of preparing teachers, educating students, and supporting parents. This virtual series presents opportunities to share and learn from one another how schools might, together, make plans for what comes next, no matter what tomorrow brings. The program will consist of 11, one-hour collaborative virtual sessions to be chosen by the participants. All sessions are free and virtual, hosted via

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