Over the next couple of months, Join APOST, Connections 4 Success, and Davis & Associates for a six-part Executive Roundtable Series. The Executive Roundtable Series features next-steps and best practices to respond appropriately to recent industry disruptions due to COVID-19. The primary focus is to engage in meaningful dialog and share tips that help executive leaders to adapt and modify their business operations to recover and progress their organizations from survival to recovery to growth. 

Guidance is being released daily on how organizations are required to operate under the yellow and green phases of reopening businesses in Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh/Allegheny County region. But many questions still remain: Can businesses resume “normal business operations” or has COVID-19 caused a shift in how business is conducted in the future? Can meaningful pivots be made? How can you operate with a reduced staff capacity? How can you adhere to the physical space mandates and still operate?
Is it possible to realign roles & responsibilities or should you rehire?

During this roundtable, there will be a discussion on best practices and how to meet these new reopening requirements, operational procedures, and staffing concerns.