The 2020 Schools That Can Forum will be the 15th annual gathering of educational innovators from a national network of cross-sector schools. Hosted in Schools That Can’s hometown of New York City, the Forum will focus on “Connecting Education to Employment in the Digital Age.” Attendees will hear from speakers about the impact of artificial intelligence on learning and engage as facilitators spark thinking about how to reimagine our classrooms to better prepare our students for the future of work and a digital world. Participants will also explore topics like computational thinking and digital literacy, maker education, career education, design thinking, and more. Finally, attendees will also have a chance to visit K-12 schools across New York City who are tackling this challenge in unique ways.

In addition to speakers, presentations, workshops, and study tours, the Forum will include a celebration of the Leaders That Can and Robert F. Kennedy Urban Education Awards on May 20 at a special awards ceremony and reception.