Join thought leaders, educators, and more for panels, workshops, and discussion on Connecting Education to Employment in the Age of COVID-19

About this Event

COVID-19 has altered work and education and made it so, now, they’re often taking place at the same kitchen table. As the world is thrust into remote learning, Schools That Can has been pivoting our programming to meet teachers and students where they are: online.

Now, we’ve reenvisioned the 2020 Schools That Can Forum theme, format, and sessions as a virtual experience designed to be responsive to this historic moment. That means highlighting the skills young people need to thrive, and amplifying their voices. It looks like insight and discussion from thought leaders, and hands-on opportunities for skill-building and engagement.

Connecting Education to Employment in the Age of COVID-19: Reimagining Remote Learning + the Path to the Workforce, will take place virtually May 19th, 20th, & 21st, and registration is now open. Join us for sessions including:

Day 1

  • Connecting Education to Employment in the Age of COVID-19
  • Radical Change to Education and Career Preparation in the Age of COVID-19
  • Designing for the Future: Applying Design Thinking to Sustainability Challenges
  • Home Schools: Designing Interactive Learning Spaces for Education Post-COVID19
  • Using Engineering Design to Foster Design Thinking

Day 2

  • STC Experience Pop-Up: Pop-Up Makerspace, Design Day, & e2e Mock Interview Experience (choose sessions for you AND your young people!)
  • Lightning Talks: Essential Skills For Young People in a Post-COVID Future
  • So, What Changes Post-COVID-19?
  • Teachers Are The New Influencers: Social Media, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, and Computer Science in Virtual Classrooms
  • Building Your Village: Design Lab

Day 3

  • Hip Hop Connects: Show and Tell
  • Dealing with Equity in Remote Learning
  • Organizing Communities for Remote Learning – Building Capacity and Internal Coherence in the Time of COVID-19?
  • XR and the Future of Learning
  • Future of Work & Future of Cities in the Age of COVID-19

With panels, hands-on workshops, and keynotes, the STC Forum is providing hands-on, interactive opportunities for educators and thought leaders, but also students and families. An agenda and list of inspiring speakers will follow, along with a link to choose your sessions.

Connecting Education to Employment in the Age of COVID-19 is FREE.