Join in on April 30 for Edcamp: Powerful Learning at Home, an online unconference-style professional development for and by educators.

About This Event
As a result of COVID-19 school closures, many educators are figuring out how to best support students through the rest of the school year. Digital Promise invites educators to support one another in the transition to distance learning at Edcamp: Powerful Learning at Home hosted completely online.

Edcamps are free public events that leverage the knowledge and experiences of attendees to create the topics and discussions of the day. Edcamp: Powerful Learning at Home is an unconference-style professional development where educators have the opportunity to:

  • Identify the issues most important to them as they navigate teaching and learning from home
  • Moderate session topics
  • Network with educators across the country

As part of registration, you can propose session topics and sign up to be a moderator. Moderators will support small-group conversations at the Edcamp by facilitating breakout discussions. Moderators do not need to prepare a presentation nor be subject-matter experts. Digital Promise will support moderators by sharing guiding questions and facilitation tips in advance of the Edcamp.

Register to attend Edcamp: Powerful Learning at Home and stay tuned for the session board to be emailed to attendees on April 27.