For education, it can’t go back to “business as usual” once facilities re-open. Such action would signal to millions of children and their families that there is no promise to serve unique needs, honor their wonderful gifts, or acknowledge the shortfalls of the standardized, one-size-fits-all education system.

It’s time to explore A New Way Forward.

On April 28th, join the leaders at Boundless, Design39Campus, Getting Smart, Education Reimagined, Altitude Learning, and Big Picture Learning for a free virtual summit for educators, parents, and students who are ready to explore new and powerful ways to think about education and learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented myriad challenges on multiple fronts. It has also provided a unique opening for educators and leaders to reinvent how to serve the nation’s youth. Learner-centered leaders have been reinventing education in small pockets around the country for decades, and it’s time to use their expertise to transform education for every single child in every single zip code.

This virtual event has gathered incredible learner-centered changemakers who are ready to share their inspiration and ideas, as well as hear from you! If you believe education transformation needs to happen now and are itching to take action, this is the event for you.