Targeted for parents of children age 3-Grade 3, join early childhood education expert, Melissa Butler for a series of conversations including:

  • Nurturing authentic routines (Session 1)
  • Allowing and supporting all feelings (Session 2)
  • Fostering play with everyday materials (Session 3)

Each session will include a brief presentation of overarching ideas, with the rest of the hour as Q&A for participants to ask questions specific to their own family context.

If you have children older than Grade 3, you are welcome to attend, although most of the conversations will focus on supporting younger children.

Melissa Butler is a former Kindergarten teacher who now writes for children. She is the founder of the Reimagining Project and Director of the Children’s Innovation Project. She works with schools, organizations, families, and others who want to create more space for slowing down to notice and wonder.