Educators and STEAM enthusiasts from the Pittsburgh region are invited to attend the ABC CREATE STEAM Showcase on March 10th at Penn State New Kensington. Attendees can expect to:

  • Learn how ABC CREATE, as part of a larger “Nextovation” ecosystem, is partnering with local businesses and providing innovative opportunities for teachers and students
  • Connect with inspired and inspiring educators
  • Experience peer-led breakout sessions highlighting classroom integration of robotics, computer science and project-based learning
  • Discover how schools are using student voice and agency to promote equity and authentic learning
  • Learn about ABC CREATE’s Learning Pathways
  • Spend time exploring educational approaches that focus on student-centered learning and develop skills for the 21st century
  • Further explore the ABC CREATE values of equitable access, collaboration, technological fluency, and innovative teaching and learning

The showcase’s featured presentation, ABC CREATE and Nextovation: Partners in a Dynamic Ecosystem, will highlight the exciting revitalization of business and industry taking place in the region, an ecosystem of which ABC CREATE is a vital part. Presenters will discuss a variety of new projects in the area and the unique learning opportunities they bring to both teachers and students. This presentation will provide insight and valuable information about the real world work happening now in our region and what skills and knowledge students will need as they prepare for their exciting and dynamic futures. 

A wonderful mix of showcase presentations will explore creative classroom technologies, project-based learning, and relevant skill building for students of all ages. In addition, the showcase will include sessions from thoughtful leaders, innovative practitioners, and engaged students on coding, creating authentic learning spaces, ethics in learning, giving students voice + agency, STEAM challenges and inspiring ways to use coding and robotics to enhance student learning–explore Hummingbird, Dash, Dot, Sphero, Ozobot, Puzzlets and more!

ABC CREATE’s mission is to work collaboratively to connect teachers with professional learning communities, tools, and best practices that will develop competent and technologically fluent students. The ABC CREATE STEAM Showcase 2020 is a perfect venue for actualizing ABC CREATE’s mission.