Catalyst Academy Charter School is a college-preparatory K-8 public charter school in Pittsburgh, focused on serving families in the Hill District, Garfield, East Liberty, Larimer, Lincoln-Lemington, Homewood, and East Hills communities as well as families from across Pittsburgh and neighboring communities that are looking for a great school.

Catalyst will open as a K-1 school in the fall of 2020, and then grow a grade each year to eventually serve kindergarten through 8th grade and we are searching for passionate educators to join our Founding Team!

Who You Are (or) Who We Are Looking For:

  • A steadfast believer that all scholars can achieve academic excellence, no matter prior lived experience or background
  • A growth-minded practitioner who is constantly learning, improving, and hungry for feedback
  • A tenacious problem-solver who is eager to approach challenges with smart solutions in mind
  • An eternal optimist who supports and motivates your teammates by having their back
  • A bond-builder, who believes that strong relationships across lines of difference that reach beyond the walls of a classroom are the lynchpin for strong schools
  • A warm-demander, who knows that students will rise to the high expectations we set for them and that relationships matter in supporting all scholars
  • A precise planner who backwards maps from big goals to drive daily actions
  • A detail maven who recognizes that big things come from small, intentional actions over time
  • A data-driven analyst who reflects and takes purposeful action based on results
  • A proactive communicator who reaches out to students, families, and teammates across lines of difference