For the past three years, the educators and system leaders of the Assessment for Learning Project (ALP) have been designing, learning, and innovating together to reimagine what’s possible for assessment. Join them in San Diego and become part of the dynamic and growing Assessment for Learning Community.

During the conference, leaders will “walk the talk” of assessment for learning. Attendees will build on existing expertise and set personal goals, reflect regularly, and share learning with peers traveling a similar path. There will be workshops created by the ALP Learning Community in four practice-based strands curated by national leaders in assessment for learning:

These workshop sessions are designed by educators and will blend practical tools and Shared Learnings from ALP.

The goal of all this learning will be to reframe thinking about assessment while grounding learning in proven practice. A focus on how policy, culture, and leadership can help create enabling conditions to support assessment for learning will also be covered because without them making a lasting change is impossible.

Full agenda coming soon!