As Artificial Intelligence becomes a common term for both businesses and the home, educators are asking themselves some difficult questions about how to teach the tech and culture around AI. However, what often get’s left out of the conversation is the fundamentals of numeracy that go into this trendy tech.

Join members of the CMU School of Computer Science Education Outreach team to learn how they are creating accessible pathways for young people to learn AI, and the fundamentals of math and science that go hand-in-hand with demystifying these technologies.

As always, this is free and open gathering designed to forge and develop relationships between the educators, innovators, and change agents that make up the Remake Learning Network. Join us to discuss your craft, address issues, share opportunities, and connect to resources. Learn more at

Lunch will be provided with a vegetarian option. Please help reduce food waste by letting us know if you need to cancel your registration. The cut-off date for special food requests is January 29. Email Ani (address below) with requests.

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