For administrators looking to strengthen the role of the arts in education and infuse schools with imagination and creativity, AEC offers the two-track, year-long CLAE program.

CLAE helps school- and district-level administrators articulate a vision for the future of the arts in their building or district. CLAE connects participants with local artists and organizations and forges connections within and among administrator teams. Two tracks means there’s a program for administrators at all levels of experience:

CLAE: Fundamentals is intended for administrators looking to deepen their connection to the arts. Participants in CLAE: Fundamentals dig into research, gather data, and develop an action plan uniquely suited to their context. With support from guests and AEC staff, CLAE: Fundamentals participants can build their capacity for arts advocacy and make change in their school or district.

CLAE: Building a Blueprint helps administrators hire and retain expert arts education staff. The program focuses on searching for candidates, developing interview protocols, and researching arts education trends to support arts-specific hiring practices that benefit arts students for years to come. Participation in CLAE: Fundamentals is not a prerequisite.

Both programs take participants to arts organizations throughout the region. Teams of administrators from a district are encouraged to apply.