The KRUNK Movement is a youth micro-enterprise designed as a production company. Students use the elements of hip-hop (MC, DJ/production, dance, technology [photography, social media, PA system, graphic design, etc.], instrumentalism) to communicate messages to peers about mental and physical health as well as social justice. In their artistic development both as an individual and collective, students learn the basics of the music industry – from creating to performing and all the in-betweens – with a strong focus on how to be an artist in control of their own economy.

The KRUNK Program Coordinator is administratively responsible for managing the KRUNK Movement. These responsibilities include identification, hiring, and supervision of artistic faculty; creative curriculum design and implementation; management of payroll and outcomes assessment and reporting. In conjunction with the Director of Programming and the Executive Director, the Program Coordinator is also responsible for contracting performances in multiple venues and the delivery of the KRUNK program on-site at local schools and partner organizations. The Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring high-quality performances in all contracted venues, development and maturation of the curriculum and maintaining the core values and mission of COL.

  • COL position classification: Annual, full-time salaried
  • Immediate supervisor and title: Director of Programming

Primary goals, duties, and responsibilities:

  • Oversee all aspects of quality of care, safety, and operation of the KRUNK Program.
  • Develop and routinely update program policies and procedures which meet program goals.
  • Personnel management
    • Build healthy and productive relationships with all KRUNK staff, students, and families.
    • Establish clear lines of operating procedures to KRUNK Assistant Program Coordinator and other artistic faculty
    • Facilitate creative innovation from core music and arts staff and students.
    • Research and report on best practices in the arts around the world
    • Work with KRUNK staff and students to develop outstanding performances geared toward K-12 school students
    • Provide program staff and participating students with one incentive per season. For example: MCG Jazz concerts, hip-hop performances, spoken word events, plays etc.
  • Participant recruitment
    • Schedule and conduct seasonal recruitment events as necessary
    • Develop working relationships with all Hazelwood feeder pattern schools to provide KRUNK programming
    • Develop a working relationship with Pittsburgh Public Schools and other school districts with a goal to provide them with KRUNK programming
  • Management responsibilities
    • Coordinate logistics for all KRUNK programming and events (this includes contracted services and summer programs).
    • Sustain and develop improvements to the KRUNK Movement curriculum.
    • Develop and support seasonal KRUNK releases including, but not limited to: complete albums/mixtapes, singles, music videos, and other artwork
    • Conduct and maintain regular meetings/rehearsals with participating students.
    • Schedule and conduct regular meetings with KRUNK staff
    • Recruit, interview, and hire new KRUNK staff as dictated by program needs and annual budget
    • Maintain student records in accordance with guidelines established by Outcomes and Evaluations Coordinator
    • Create and retain all contracts for services
    • Develop annual budget according to guidelines from Director of Programming and Director of Finance and Administration
    • Provide information as requested for both internal and external reports
    • Provide monthly program expenditure report to management team

Additional duties and responsibilities:

  • Maintain regular office hours
  • Attend COL staff meetings once a week
  • Meet biweekly and as requested with Director of Programming
  • Maintain regular office hours


  • Extensive musical ability including performances on one or more KRUNK concentration
  • Previous experience in or willingness/interest in learning about personnel management
  • Comprehensive understanding of KRUNK program role in the mission of COL.
  • Clear local, state and federal clearances, and child abuse checks
  • Commitment to the mission of COL