Youth Leading Change at Remake Learning Days 2016 / photo: Ben Filio

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s new Request for Applications: Effective School Practices to Support the Whole Child, seeks US-based teams of schools, support organizations and/or researchers who want to apply the science of learning and human development to improve existing school-based practices that develop self-direction and curiosity, specifically in adolescents (ages 11-18 years old).

The RFA is focused on supporting educators to implement, improve and measure practices in their schools using the science of human learning and adolescent development. Specifically, we are supporting educators to:

  • First, apply the science of learning and adolescent development to practices in their schools
  • Second, evaluate the impact of the changes that they’ve made and make adjustments (as necessary)
  • Third, measure the results for students and teachers

Applications must be submitted no later than 9pm PDT, on September 13th. More information about the request for applications can be found here.