Activity and Mobility: What Do Our Bones Tell Us? is a unique teacher professional development experience for middle and high school teachers. Participants will collaborate with leading researchers in the area of primate and human evolutionary morphology, science educators from Penn State’s Center for Science and the Schools (CSATS), and educators from across Pennsylvania.

Participants will spend a week at Penn State University, learning about ongoing primate evolutionary morphology research and advanced computational techniques like high-resolution computed tomogoraphy imaging (microCT), 3D morphometrics, modeling, and visualization to understand the relationships between bone structure and activity patterns in living and extinct humans and nonhuman primates. With support from the Mobility team, participants will develop a research project to implement with their students in the 2019 –2020 academic year. The classroom research project will incorporate workshop activities and data collected by Dr. Tim Ryan.

For additional information and to apply, visit: CSATS Summer Workshops.