Educators’ Neighborhood is a place for educators to learn from and with each other inspired by the life and work of Fred Rogers. Members study episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, read from the Fred Rogers Center archive, and generate new ideas together connected to our daily practice with young children. Educators’ Neighborhood is open to any educator wishing to learn and grow with others.

There are three ways to be involved:

Option 1:

Sign up for quarterly updates from the Fred Rogers Center, including upcoming events, vignettes of learning from educators, and other ideas from the Educators’ Neighborhood.

Option 2:

Sign up for Educators’ Neighborhood Online, an online community of educators from all over the world, designed for sharing ideas that connect children’s learning with the work of Fred Rogers. Beginning in Fall 2019, this online community will hold quarterly webinar discussions, as well as allow educators to virtually communicate directly with each other.
(Option 2 automatically includes Option 1)

Option 3:

Apply to be part of our Educators’ Neighborhood Learning Community, a small group of local early childhood educators, who will learn together during the 2019-20 school year to connect episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood with learning goals in their education context. Applications are due 28 June 2019.
(If you are selected for the study group, you will also have access to Options 1 and 2)