Join Remake Learning’s CSforPGH working group on June 6, 11, 18, and 19 for a series of live Twitter chats on inclusivity in computer science education, computational thinking, and related learning communities. Topics will include:

  • June 6 – How do we prepare students for adaptive technology?
  • June 11 – How do we foster computational thinking in early learning?
  • June 18 – What are inclusive strategies for computational thinking?
  • June 19 – How can our region support and prompt inclusive learning communities for both informal and formal spaces?

Chats will be hosted by @RemakeLearning, @Trendabelle, CSforPGH workgroup lead, and @Shimirawms, childcare professional and leader at the intersection of technology and children.

Chats will be held from 12:00 – 1:00 pm each day. Use #CSforInclusion and #CSforPGH to follow along and join the conversation!

On June 20, #CSforInclusion will continue offline at an in-person conversation hosted by CSforPGH.