This course provides the foundation for understanding inquiry-based teaching, while guiding educators to examine their current practice and mindsets in all classroom disciplines.

Day one of the course includes: uncovering prior knowledge, asking what is inquiry?; discussing and understanding the essential features of inquiry and their variations; learning content through an inquiry experience and reflection; and exploring the skills of inquiry.

Day two includes: uncovering prior knowledge on misconceptions about inquiry; examining the role of process skills; exploring the challenges of implementing inquiry and purposeful shifts in instructional design; and discussing the role of classroom environment in inquiry-based teaching.

During this course, participants will:

  • Understand and identify the benefits of engaging student in hands-on, minds-on activities
  • Investigate the variation of inquiry by examining educator and student roles
  • Explore key misconceptions and skills of the inquiry process
  • Examine the characteristics of an inquiry-based classroom environment and make connections to individual contexts
  • Initiate a plan for implementing inquiry in the classroom by making intentional shifts in teaching practice