This course guides educators in exploring the differentiated learning needs of students as they progress through the Formative Assessment Cycle. Educators will consider the following questions: What is the student to learn? What has the student learned? What must be done to help the student meet the learning target and/or advance the student to the next level?

Day One of the course includes: considering the characteristics of formative and summative assessment; exploring the four critical questions of curriculum instruction and assessment; using evidence to advance student learning; and crafting Learning Intentions and Criteria for Success.

Day Two includes: opportunities to explore feedback, questioning practices and strategies, and crafting planned questions.

During this course, participants will:

  • Recognize the role of formative assessment & summative assessment in advancing student learning
  • Establish clear learning intentions & criteria for success for each lesson
  • Intentionally plan questions that will assess the level of student understanding
  • Provide descriptive feedback focused on student improvement
  • Teach students to use the Three Key Strategies of Formative Assessment to develop as a self-regulated learner