Pittonkatonk’s May Day BBQ is a community festival and picnic in the park featuring activist musicians and performers from around the world and regional social justice/environmental justice organizations. Part community potluck, part music festival, Pittonkatonk’s May Day BBQ is day for all ages. This event is held in Schenley Park and is free to the public.

The May Day BBQ will include performances by:

  • Afro Yaqui Music Collective
  • What Cheer Brigade
  • La Misa Negra
  • Lemon Bucket Orkestra
  • Dzambo Aguzevi Orchestra
  • Detroit Party Marching Band
  • May Day Marching Band
  • 1Hood
  • Col Eagleburger
  • Big Blitz
  • StoRox High School
  • and more

About Pittonkatonk:

Pittonkatonk focuses on community music making, youth performance opportunities, youth and adult education and workshops, and partnerships with like-minded non-profit organizations.  Pittonkatonk creates spaces around the city of Pittsburgh where the audience and musicians celebrate diversity while working for a common good. With no corporate sponsors, and nothing for sale, Pittonkatonk is an effort to create musical spaces where people can come together and empower each other outside traditional musical economies. Pittonkatonk is the new form of an ethnic folk festival bringing together performers and organizations that are working towards equality.