This course is a three-part series lasting nine hours
Friday, March 1 – Friday, March 29, 2018

Register by Friday, March 1 at Noon.

Part 1: Exploring Child Development Through Developmentally Appropriate Practice:
Participants will gain knowledge related to child development and develop an understanding of how to align child development theories with the principles of developmentally appropriate practices. This session will guide participants to a better understanding of how to provide the most appropriate learning experiences for infants and toddlers through the use of developmentally appropriate practices during daily routines, activities and interactions. K1.5 C1

Part 2: Using Toys to Support Infant and Toddler Learning Development:
Choosing toys and activities that are suitable for infants and toddlers can challenge even the most experienced teacher. By being mindful of the basic principles of child development and the role of play, teachers can intentionally select toys to meet young children’s unique needs and interests to support learning. K1.7 C2

Part 3: Promoting Infant and Toddler Social and Emotional Development:
Participants in this session will explore the question, “What is social and emotional learning and why is it important?”. By providing positive social emotional opportunities for infants and toddlers they will develop skills necessary to build a solid foundation. We will discuss how to support very young children to form secure relationships with others to ultimately be able to focus and learn. K2.1 C3

Meets the following Keystone STARS Performance Standards indicators: (EC.3.4.1, SQ.3.4.4)

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These professional development opportunities have been underwritten by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Office of Child Development and Early Learning and funded by YWCA PD, a program of YWCA Greater Pittsburgh.