This opportunity is part of the Center for Creativity’s winter 2019 transformED professional development series.

John Hattie, the author of Visible Learning, researched many factors that had an impact on student learning. He found that one of the most impactful changes a teacher can make in instruction is to provide students with quality feedback in a timely manner.

Nearpod, a tool that combines presentations, assessments, guided website access, and interactions like polls, open-ended questions, and drawing, enables teachers to provide feedback immediately. A teacher can easily create an entire lesson within Nearpod, and receive real-time data on student responses to quizzes, questions, drawings, and polls – eliminating the lag time between teacher review and feedback to students.

This hands-on session will include participation in a Nearpod lesson to experience the students’ perspective, and then development of a lesson, including all of the interactive components.

Participants should be sure to bring a laptop, Chromebook, or tablet, as this will be a hands-on session.