Join Green Building Alliance (GBA) for their fourth annual Moth-style storytelling event on January 31. As 2019 begins, GBA’s Inspire Speakers Series welcomes a jam-packed lineup of movers and shakers, who will challenge listeners to be the change they seek to find.

The evening will share stories from every corner of the city, from culinary journeys and interactive theatre to educational transformation and neighborhood identity. Attendees will feed their minds, and their bellies, and indulge in the delightful diversity that is the human experience.

Featuring stories from:

  • Tami Dixon: Ms. Dixon specializes in creating intimate, personalized and embodied immersive encounters. As the Creative Principal and Co-Founder of Bricolage Production Company, she co-created and directed the large-scale immersive works, STRATA, OjO, and DODO, in addition to company’s Immersive Encounters (IE) program.
  • Jordan Jones: Mr. Jones is an educator focused on teaching middle schoolers about social justice, racism, and sustainability. Currently, he works as a Cultural Literacy teacher at the Environmental Charter School in Pittsburgh.
  • Olah Mandley: Ms. Mandley has dedicated her career to community health, focusing on the cultivation and preparation of natural and organic food.
  • Sandra Taylor: Ms. Taylor is an internationally recognized expert in corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability in supply chains.
  • Georgia Petropolous: With over 20 years of experience in the community and economic development industry, Ms. Petropolous is directly involved in the transformation of Pittsburgh as Executive Director of the Oakland Business Improvement District.
  • Mike Walsh: After joining the PA DCNR in 2015, Mr. Walsh began providing direction based on his 16 years of state government experience. His position as Deputy Secretary for Administration places him at the helm of the DCNR’s Administrative Services, Human Resources and Information Technology Services.