Project Specialist for ReadyAI LLC

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, ReadyAI is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence Education for K-12 students. Founded in 2017, the company has established programs both locally and internationally. Working with top researchers and institutions around the world, the team strives to provide and promote AI educational opportunities around the world.

ReadyAI is seeking an individual with the following qualities, team player, fast learner, self-learner, time organizer, entrepreneurial, self-discipline, highest level of integrity and code of ethics.

Job Description:
The individual is expected to work in a highly agile and fast moving startup culture.
The individual is expected to be able to multitask by bringing artificial intelligence and education to various constituencies in a K-12 education atmosphere.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree;
  • Prior Experience in Education or Business Development is preferred
  • Located in Pittsburgh, PA or would like to relocate