The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Symposium will combine a showcase of our current expertise and new learning opportunities to help inform and inspire your practice — in just the way you want it to.  CHOOSE from a variety of professional learning sessions to help  guide your practice based on solid research.​ For session descriptions, see the attached Google link.

Sessions will be led by our UDL experts Joni Degner, Bryan Dean,  and Megan Marie Van Fossan as well as other Ringgold administrators and teachers leading the way in UDL.

Several  sessions are hands-on, so please bring your laptops!

UDL Expert Sessions
Get UDL Intel “straight from CAST.” Joni will help you explore topics like ​Structuring Choice for  Success ​and​ Promoting Reflection, Self-Evaluation and Goal-Setting. ​ Bryan will offer guidance  and answer questions on how to ​Make Your Classroom Your Co-teacher​ and how to ​Plan for the  Variability of Your Learners. ​ Still have questions? Our fearless leader, Megan Van Fossan, will give  it to you straight with ​UDL Looks Like THIS​ and ​Firm Goals, Flexible Means — ​or go a giant step  forward in your practice with leading research from Harvard University on ​Improving Learning & Collaboration. ​​Yo​u will also hear about practices and technology to support UDL — as well as  perspectives on others’ UDL journeys. A full list of session titles appears below.


  • Make Your Classroom Your Co-teacher
  • Instructional Design: Planning for the Variability of Your Learners
  • Structuring Choice for Success
  • Promoting Reflection, Self-Evaluation and Goal-Setting
  • Rethinking the Rubric
  • UDL & Writing Instruction: From Research through Revision
  • Improving Learning & Collaboration by Honing Group and Individual Thinking Processes
  • UDL Looks Like THIS
  • Firm Goals, Flexible Means
  • BLOOMING Questions & Goals
  • Google Classroom 1.0: Getting Started
  • Google Classroom 2.0: Advanced Google Education Tools
  • Jumpstart: Sign Up and Start Google Educator Training
  • Enhancing Learning by Strengthening Relationships: Overview of Restorative Practices
  • Rooms that SCREAM Student Engagement
  • The Basics of Bullying: An Overview of Olweus
  • Positive & Productive Parent Communications
  • Twitter 101
  • Flexible Seating, Voice & Choice
  • Routines for Self-Evaluation & Goal Setting
  • Outstanding Apps for Education
  • Effectively Sharing a Learning Space
  • Online Tools That Make It Easier to Individualize Instruction
  • Bring Classroom Topics Alive with Art
  • Chalk Talks & More: Bringing More Discourse into the Math Classroom
  • Maintaining Rigor While Promoting Collaboration & Community
  • Supporting Handwriting Skills in the Classroom
  • Planning for Success on Larger Projects
  • Fabulous Flipcharts!: Making the Most of Your SMART Board Something to Smile About

We are trying hard to make this day fun as well as productive. Dress is casual. There will be coffee  and water provided throughout the day, as well as other surprises.

To register: Please email Jodi Patton at ​

Cost: $25.00 – Ringgold School District will bill each individual district for their participants.
Once you are registered, you will receive a Google Link to sign up for sessions.

Session Descriptions: