NMSI School Year Laying the Foundation Institute

National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) is dedicated to providing the best content-based, pedagogy-driven, teacher-to-teacher training, supported by rigorous classroom-ready lessons and web-based resources to improve the quality of math, science, and English instruction. NMSI has trained over 50,000 teachers since 2001 and has demonstrated dramatic increases in Advanced Placement exam participation and success in STEM subjects. NMSI believes that training, mentoring, and empowering the teacher corps will lead to high standards of academic excellence for all students.

NMSI’s Laying the Foundation (LTF)  equips educators of grades 3 through 11 with the content knowledge and instructional know-how they need to set high classroom expectations and shift students to advanced levels of thinking and learning.  Regardless of where you are in your teaching career, LTF provides new content and teaching techniques. There’s no sit-and-get or professor at the podium. These training sessions are designed by teachers for teachers. They are organized by grade and subject and are packed with engaging, hands-on activities that can be taken directly into your classes and labs.