ReadyAI Workshop
  • Learn how to teach Artificial Intelligence to K-12 students
  • Explore Career Development/Advancement and Employment Opportunities
  • Be part of the AI Learning Community

Open to everyone: no previous teaching experience required. (Just bring a laptop if you have one)

Free Pizza!

ReadyAI is a Pittsburgh-based education company that focuses on Artificial Intelligence education for K-12 students. Working closely with top AI researchers and experts in the industry, we take our role very seriously, to make education for artificial intelligence more accessible and responsible.

Their current curriculum uses Anki’s Cozmo robot and the Calypso software developed by Dr. David Touretzky from CMU. The toolkit and the curriculum were designed for various settings: classes, clubs, community activities, etc. If you want to be the one that brings K-12 AI education to your school/community/homeschool/after-school/daycare, this is a good way to get started.