Raising Readers / photo: Ben Filio for Trying Together

Family Engagement
Monday, October 1 – Monday October 29, 2018
This course is a four-part series, lasting 12 hours.
Register by Friday, September 28 at Noon.

Part 1: Let’s Empower Families: Positive Interactions Make a Difference:
Families play a large role in the education of their children and can be a positive team member in early childhood programs. Families are influenced by their own first encounters with child care or school systems and their ongoing interactions with administrators and program staff. This session will allow participants to assess supportive practices while addressing appropriate PA Early Learning Standards. K3.10 C2

Part 2: Working with Diverse Families: Supporting Dual Language Learners in the Early Childhood Environment:
Participants will engage in an interactive session to build and strengthen knowledge working with diverse children ages birth to 5 and families. In order to support early childhood educators serving this population, this session will focus on current research, strategies for teaching dual language learners and techniques to engage families. K3.1 C2

Part 3: Digital Media Literacy and Technology Tools for Early Learning: Engaging Families in Today’s Media and Technology Landscape:
This course will focus on how to communicate with and build relationships with families using technology tools and digital media. Participants will be asked to consider implications and benefits of using digital communication to bring families into the early education environment. Participants will reflect on current practices and policies regarding technology in the early education classroom. K2. 16 C3

Part 4: It Takes a Village:
Recognizing the Importance of Family-School-Community Partnerships when Providing High Quality Early Education. In order to be effective as early educators, we must understand the families from which children come and the opportunities they receive within the community. This understanding is necessary in creating positive relationships that encourage the development of the whole child. This online course focuses on the triangular relationship between early educators, children and families and community resources. K3.9 C2

Meets the following Keystone STARS Performance Standards indicators: (FC.3.4.9, SQ.3.4.9)

For more information and to register for credit, visit pakeys.org.

Download the complete list of Trying Together professional development course offerings for October 2018 through February 2019 here.

*These professional development opportunities have been underwritten by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Office of Child Development and Early Learning and funded by YWCA PD, a program of YWCA Greater Pittsburgh.