EntreEd Forum 2018

The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education presents the 2018 EntreEd Forum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This forum provides attendees with a unique opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship education via hands-on workshops, engaging activities, and an interactive agenda.​

This year’s theme, “What’s your big idea?” is designed to get educators thinking about what is needed in their workplace and how they can improve entrepreneurship education at their school or organization. Teams will have the opportunity to pitch this idea to bring their project to life.​

This conference is designed to inspire attendees to create tomorrow’s next generation of young entrepreneurs. The Forum features a wide range of participants – from inexperienced to experienced, from teacher to administrator – to encourage conversation and foster an environment of growth at all levels. Participants will walk away with the resources, knowledge, and guidance to easily integrate entrepreneurship into any subject area, grade level, classroom, or school.

Join policymakers, stakeholders, and practitioners to emphasize the importance of transformative education. Participants will learn ways to integrate entrepreneurship education that will strengthen national education standards, create new connections, help identify opportunities for economic growth, and build big ideas for the future.

Who Will Be Attending?
Educators of all subject areas and grade levels are encouraged to attend as we explore entrepreneurial opportunities available in any
classroom. Whether you’re a teacher with little experience in entrepreneurship education or an experienced educator looking to
share and learn from others – come and innovate with us.