Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP)

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is seeking organizations and individuals to be paid presenters to conduct public educational programming on topics related to software coding. These programs, which will be free to participants, will offer introductory coding experiences that will enable community members to explore coding in a supportive environment.

Programs will be scheduled at various Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh locations between June and December of 2018.

Programs will:

  • Be geared towards a 16 year old and up audience
  • Be several hours in duration, presented as a weekly series or a one-day workshop
  • Be accessible for people who have basic computer experience and little or no coding experience
  • Be welcoming and accessible to all members of the community
  • Be based on platforms that are widely available and for which there is additional free online content available, so that participants can continue learning on their own
  • Include significant hands-on learning during the workshop

Workshops can cover any topic related to coding or computational thinking. We seek to serve a broad range of interests including (but not limited to) creative computing (e.g, p5.js), physical computing (e.g, raspberry pi), web development, data analysis and visualization, career skills (e.g, VBA for Excel), and gaming.

This paid partnership opportunity is available to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals.

Interested applicants should submit the following:

  • A 1-2 page description of each proposed workshop, including:
  • Intended audience
  • Outcomes for participants
  • Outline of the workshop
  • Required equipment and software
  • Links to free online learning resources related to workshop
  • A brief description of the organization or, if an individual, a resume, summary of qualifications or portfolio
  • Date and time limitations for the proposing organization or individual
  • A budget outlining estimated time cost and any additional costs to be included in the bid.

Applications received in June will be reviewed by a panel of library staff. Selected presenters will be invited to meet with library staff to formalize a program plan.

Applications should be submitted to Dan Hensley, Adult Programming Coordinator, by email at Applicants may feel free to contact Dan at that email address or by phone at 412-924-0062 with any questions.