Global Development and Humanitarian Aid Training at La Roche College

Dates: May 21-25, 2018
Location: La Roche College | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Climate refugees. Tsunamis. Earthquakes.

Global crises are rising and getting worse, and there is a shortage of people to work in the field of humanitarian aid and disaster relief. La Roche College’s Global Development and Humanitarian Aid Training Program offers the chance to learn about working in these fields through an intense five-day workshop.

With local and global experts, real-world simulation experiences and interactive classes, participants will leave with a strong understanding of key concepts, trends and essential knowledge necessary to succeed in this field on both a domestic and international level.

This is a low cost opportunity to gain important training and a certificate for anyone interested in getting into this important and challenging field. In addition to working in refugee camps, emergency or humanitarian situations, there is actually a global need for teachers at all levels to work in this field as continuing education for young people is now an important part of what goes on after an emergency or humanitarian crisis. See the INEE for more information and opportunities.