Looking to increase your content knowledge and engage in cross-curricular activities designed for your classroom? CSATS i-STEAM Workshops provide opportunities for teachers to learn science, engineering, and math through integrated activities from Penn State researchers and faculty with a focus on STEAM concepts.

All opportunities are free to teachers, breakfast/lunch provided and Act 48 credit available upon request.

In this edition:

Engineering design requires knowledge of science and math to make informed decisions in order to obtain acceptable design solutions. This workshop uses a design challenge to motivate decision-making and to introduce teachers to an alternative way to teach science and math content in the context of engineering design. Teachers will learn about how trusses balance forces, and how to analyze and compare alternative designs. We will show how mathematical modeling is an essential tool for engineering design and teachers will use a free modeling software in the workshop. All teachers are welcome, but content is most applicable to engineering, technology, physics, and trigonometry teachers or those teaching about Newton’s Laws and/or balanced forces.