City Charter High School

Located in downtown Pittsburgh, City High is an innovative school using cutting-edge practices to graduate students who are academically, technologically, personally and socially prepared to succeed in post-secondary education, training or employment. The CEO/Principal serves as the School’s chief executive and administrative officer, assuring creative and strategic leadership consistent with the mission, values and culture. City High is a unique environment in which to explore and expand her/his leadership.

The Organization
City Charter High School is well established and is ranked #1 among Pittsburgh’s public high schools. Founded in 2002 by Pittsburgh Public Schools educators, today it is ranked by US News and world Report as one of the highest performing urban schools. Please see

The six core beliefs of City High are:

  • Connections to the real world. A career-focused experience convinces students that what they do at City High impacts their future.
  • Individual responsibility for learning. Academic success is dependent on students taking an active role in their learning.
  • Safe and caring environment is essential to active classroom engagement.
  • Continuous challenge. A curriculum constructed with multiple levels best meets the academic needs of individual students.
  • Personal academic connections. Success relies strongly on each student feeling connected to one or more adults at City High.
  • Collaboration. A student’s ability to collaborate is essential in today’s work environment.

Students take four years of math, science, English language arts, social studies and a world language grouped into four clusters – scientific literacy, cultural literacy, work-skills literacy and wellness literacy. City High’s orientation is serious preparation for the workforce, and all students must complete one13-week internship as a graduation requirement. All students receive laptop computers. Best practices include project-based learning, full inclusion in all classes of students with disabilities, team teaching, teacher-student continuity (looping) and job-embedded staff development. There are four levels of teacher competence that determine pay and promotion in a progressive, sequential manner from Apprentice to Journeyman to Expert and finally to Educational Leader. City High offers year-round classes with school breaks occurring in April, August and December. It’s an exciting place to be!

City High has 575 students in grades 9 – 12 with 142 graduates in 2017. It currently employs 64 committed teachers and 25 passionate support staff. Eighty-four percent of the enrolled students are from Pittsburgh Public School District with the other 16% from 15 surrounding districts. The student population is 53% African-American, with 36% Caucasian and 11% other ethnicities. Sixty-seven percent are eligible for free/reduced price lunch, and 15% are students with disabilities. It has received Title 1 state awards as a “distinguished school” for either high achievement or growth over the last four years. It is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools and was granted a new seven-year accreditation in 2014.

The budget of approximately $12 million comes from resident school district per-pupil tuition funds and from external grants. A Board of Trustees of nine members holds the charter and is responsible for ensuring the School’s organizational viability, determination to forge new ground in academic success, and faithfulness to the terms of its charter.

The Position
The CEO/Principal will follow in a line of respected educational leaders, working with the Board and staff to set goals and to continue visionary practice and success for engaged faculty, students and parents. The CEO/Principal will lead the organization in realizing the vision and achieving the renewal of the charter in 2022.

The CEO/Principal will oversee a team of effective education leaders including the Education Manager, two Assistant Principals, Managers of Maintenance, Technology, Business Affairs, Activities, and Security and a Chef. Contracted consultants include an External Evaluator, Public Relations Coordinator and Accountant who help City High continue its exceptional track record.

Qualifications, Characteristics and Skills Desired

    • High energy and drive for continuous improvement with relentless commitment to the pursuit of excellence.
    • Passion for the School’s mission.
    • Successful track record of performance with students, families and staff.
    • Strong leader and motivator of people.
    • Results-driven with belief in standards-based curriculum and use of data to drive instruction.
    • Extensive leadership experience including organizational planning, staff development, board relations, operations and financial management, preferably in an urban educational environment.
    • Outstanding analytical, problem-solving, strategic thinking, and planning skills.
    • Exceptional public speaking and writing abilities.
    • Minimum of 10 years of experience in education with at least 5 in administrative leadership.
    • Certification as a Principal in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or ability to be certified provisionally.
    • Master’s in Education from an accredited institution of higher learning; doctoral degree preferred.

Responsibilities include

  • Recruitment: fills the School’s student capacity each year.
  • Strategic Planning: Assures that City High’s strategic plan is translated into an annual operating plan with goals and objectives for all levels of staff.
  • Academic Performance: Engages educational leaders in ongoing initiatives to strengthen and improve student performance as demonstrated by regular evaluation and measurement and compliance with applicable accreditation and regulatory standards.
  • School Operations: Leads all aspects of school operations and directs subordinate staff to assure effective use of resources, a safe environment and an attractive option for students and families seeking a quality, urban educational experience. Coordinates the strategic use of external grants to promote positive student outcomes and organizational effectiveness.
  • Finance: Oversees the development of operating and capital budgets on an annual basis; anticipates and responds to changes in revenue and expense and modifies as needed throughout the year. Assures adequacy of internal controls, production of financial statements and responses to audits.
  • Human Resources: Directs the hiring, orientation and development of people who carry out their duties competently and consistent with the mission and culture of City High.
  • Culture: Models expected behaviors for students and staff, including fostering of strong relationships with students and families through the “looping” design and vertical vs. horizontal integration. Assists grade level Principals in overload situations with students and families, including discipline cases.
  • Board Relationships: Prepares Board agenda and supporting materials; keeps the Board informed of significant issues and events; provides regular reports on operations and finance.
  • External Relationships: Develops and maintains relationships with the Pittsburgh Public School Superintendent and Pennsylvania Department of Education, promotes City High to community, government, foundation and educational leaders and seeks opportunities to enhance resources/funding available to City High.

To apply in confidence, please send cover letter and resume to Susan Egmont at Egmont Associates,