Games for Change Student Challenge

This event for your students is free and open to all. Bring friends, make friends!
Get comparative, Get competitive, Get creative.
Students can get their game on with regional gamers, local content experts, and other teens.

Experience a free and fun afternoon of games, play, and workshops to develop game concepts that teach people how wildlife conservation matters. Inspired by the work of Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, teens are invited to hang out with regional gamers and content experts to explore the themes of wildlife conservation, specifically pollinators.

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Hang Out in one of the greenest building in the world, brimming with beautiful views and rich resources including books, specimens, and tactile materials. Get inspired by the environment while playing tabletop games.

Mess Around, get creative designing storyboards, story mapping and character descriptions with art supplies.
Bring your coloring of a pollinator to life with Augmented Reality app.

Pittsburgh Park Conservancy will share their deep knowledge and efforts in local conservation, specifically pollinators. Hands-on activities, hikes, scientific inquiry and observations with experts from the Education Department.

Geek Out by building games, critically thinking about the parts of games—modifications and

Sarah Heinz House, proud member of the Boys and Girls Club of America, will be bringing their Media Lab knowledge and skills working with Twine and examining other text-based adventure games.

Carnegie Mellon University’s Alice Project will help users create worlds with Sims characters, building interactions in dozens of epically designed backdrops and environments.

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An Inclusive Innovation Week Event

Featured photo: Ben Filio during Kindness & Empathy Game Jam