Workforce of Tomorrow Conference

Workforce of Tomorrow, is a conference for leaders across multiple industries, from corporate CEOs to university presidents, and influential board chairs to top policymakers. Committed to examining the complexities of developing a workforce skilled in science, technology, engineering and math, these leaders bring their key insights, innovative strategies, and industry best practices to develop solutions for advancing this effort. An executive-level event with significant impact, Workforce of Tomorrow, April 4-6, 2018 in Washington, DC, aims to ensure a strong future for STEM education and employment.

Everyone in the STEM arena is encouraged to attend and share their strategies and ideas in advancing the future:

  • Business Executives with a concern for America’s competitiveness and a need to match skills with jobs now.
  • Talent Managers who struggle to fill positions requiring STEM expertise throughout their organizations.
  • Corporate Responsibility Officers and Leaders looking to effectively align their company’s brand in the marketplace and build effective partnerships with the non-profit and education sectors.
  • Curriculum Administrators working to challenge today’s students and better prepare them for STEM and technical fields.
  • Diversity Directors and Leaders who need to increase the pipeline of diverse talent in their organization through partnering and teaming with STEM associations and higher education institutions.
  • Educators at every level, from K-12 through advanced degree programs, who see the critical advantage in aligning their curriculums with STEM opportunities.
  • Policymakers responsible for creating jobs through innovative partnerships with businesses, schools and government.
  • National Associations and Non-Profit Organizations that promote STEM-awareness and solutions.
  • Community Programs working to inspire and mentor on the local level.
  • Philanthropies that are looking for the best options to fund successful, scalable programs.
  • Technology Companies promoting new ways of learning—in and out of the classroom.