Early Childhood Innovation Prize / image courtesy Open IDEO

How might we maximize every child’s potential during their first three years of life?

The first few years of a child’s life lay the foundation for future success. This is a period of rapid development when more than a million new neural connections are formed every second. As young children are busy trying to understand who they are and how the world works, they are influenced by many factors, including relationships with parents and caregivers, experiences at home or in child care and the influences of the community in which they grow up. It’s these earliest moments that matter most. But too many young children are not reaching their full potential because existing approaches to early learning and development are not sufficiently addressing today’s challenges.

Knowing this, The Early Childhood Innovation Prize is seeking ideas that are novel or more effective, efficient or scalable than current ones.

Learn more about the Prize, submit your ideas, and find other ways to get involved at openideo.com/ECPrize.