REcollection Studio at CLP / photo courtesy Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) recognizes that the records of people’s lives are important and worth preserving. For this reason, CLP has created a digitization lab, called the REcollection Studio, which aims to support the digitization and preservation of our community’s records, memories, and history. Read more about the studio.

The studio officially opened on November 4, 2017, but CLP is already thinking about how best to expand their services. To further understand the local community’s needs, CLP has created a survey to learn how they can support community organizations in thinking about and pursuing digital preservation of their records, memories, and history. CLP is seeking local organizations and projects to share some information about the interests they have in digital preservation, the kinds of materials they might want to digitize, and the obstacles they face in pursuing digitization. By collecting data about the opportunities and challenges related to digitizing our local history, CLP hopes to be more responsive to the specific needs faced by individuals and organizations in the community.