2018 National Family and Community Engagement Conference

The 2018 National Family and Community Engagement Conference is July 11-13 in Cleveland, Ohio. The conference seeks to provide a variety of workshops that highlight high-quality, effective engagement practices, build adult capabilities, improve leadership at all levels, and build on the strength of parents, families and communities. Taken together, the conference firmly believse that exemplary, systemic family and community engagement practices linked to learning are critical to ensuring that communities are thriving spaces for learning and equity.

Criteria for Selection:
The primary criteria for selection of workshop sessions is that they are relevant and useful and ultimately will support attendees by assisting them with their work. Because this conference is a gathering place for various stakeholders including researchers, teachers, parents, youth, school administrators, community organizers, and funders, all sessions must address a range of audiences and interests. Presenters are asked to work to ensure that their sessions are interactive and that they provide specific and practical insights such as lessons learned, implementation ideas, recommendations or action steps that can assist conference teams with their planning efforts.

Commercially available products will not be featured in workshops. Please contact the conference for opportunities to exhibit.

Deadline for submission: December 31st, 2017