Father Ryan Arts Center

Are you an artist? Do you have teaching experience?

The Father Ryan Arts Center is seeking part time instructors in the following fields: 2D, 3D, multimedia, dance and movement arts, culinary, and music production. These positions are part time afternoon, evening and/or weekend classes, workshops, and contract work with outside agencies. Applicants must have Act 33 and 34 clearances.

We are looking for responsible instructors who can independently plan, create, and outline 10-12 week class sessions, design 1, 2, amd 4 week workshops, assist in crafting 6 month contract programs for each of the following Youth ages 8-12, teens, adults, and seniors. There is potential for more hours as contracts and attendance increases.

Compensation is $25 per hour (if 5 or more students register for your class).

Classes begin January 2018.

Send resumes and samples of work to pspynda@forstorox.org or RyanArts@forstorox.org