Comprising more than 450 civic-minded organizations, the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership invites you to join them on October 5 and 6 at the David Lawrence Convention Center for their biennial summit: two days of provocative dialogue and practical professional development designed to bring together the public, private and nonprofit sectors. By convening diverse voices and dynamic people, the summit works to identify, understand and take steps toward solving the region’s most pressing problems, forging new relationships and innovative partnerships along the way. United by the belief that our region wins when we work together, we’ll search for ways to make our region more livable and equitable for all.

The summit offers significant opportunities for professional development. Additionally, the summit offers a range of engaging sessions on critical education topics facing our region:

  1. Equity in public education financing,
  2. Addressing Equity through Education Innovation Practices
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Education Equity at the Intersections of Race, Gender, Disability and Discipline

To view the amazing line up for these sessions and many more, please click here.

If you work for a school district or any level of government, you are able to use the “public official” registration type for free admission.