CONTEXT will ignite productive dialogue and the exchange of ideas about socially-driven and creative applications of data and technology in teaching and learning. CONTEXT 2015 brought together a variety of community stakeholders who were passionate about innovative pedagogy related to the broader role of technology in both formal and informal teaching and learning environments. During this initial conference, we celebrated the importance of relationships by concentrating not on technology for technology’s sake, but on the teacher, the administrator, the parent, and the student: all critical ingredients that together form the essential context for innovative learning. We were inspired by teachers and administrators willing to privilege relationships over technology, and who are willing to create spaces in which every student and every teacher is an extraordinary communicator, able to dream, design and create within nurturing and stimulating communities.

CONTEXT 2017 continues these initial conversations and critically adds the intelligent and informed usage of data in teaching and learning as a means of further building a technologically fluent and socially engaged generation of learners. The conference itself is broken down into two tracks:

Educators sharing ideas around their methods and experiences with integrating technology creatively into their classrooms or programs.

Discussions about the networks and conditions that support and empower meaningful technology practice in education.

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