The Great Remake

Micro-Grant Application

Remake Learning works to ignite engaging, relevant, and equitable learning opportunities that help young people thrive in a time of remarkable change. A rapidly shifting society places ever-changing expectations on learners and educators alike: Tomorrow’s graduates won’t assemble cars; they’ll design the computers that drive them. They’ll be tasked with solving global challenges, from climate change to hunger. Their jobs — many of which we can’t yet imagine — will require them to think critically, solve complex problems, and collaborate and
communicate across cultures.

Of course, remaking learning is about more than building a workforce. It’s also about raising creative, curious, caring citizens. It’s about building stronger, more inclusive communities; a more robust, equitable region; and a more just, loving world.

We invite school districts and nonprofit organizations involved in Remake Learning to help spark wonder, compassion, and a sense of belonging among the region’s learners. We specifically seek to support equitable learning experiences through projects that work alongside — as well as uplift and support — the voices, strength, and potential of learners in poverty; learners of color; learners in rural areas; girls in STEM; and learners with exceptionalities.

Funding Priorities

With catalytic grants of $2,500 and $7,500, we aim to support learning practices, projects, and environments that advance our common vision: